Relocation and Real Estate
Whether you are on a short-term work assignment, contract assignment,
construction project, or insurance assignment, let us know your housing
requirements and we will strive to meet your every need. With units averaging
two to three times the floor space of a hotel room, and at a considerable
savings, we can make your stay both comfortable and enjoyable.
Corporate Housing
Medical Personnel
Premier Corporate and Short-Term Accommodations
Whether you are moving across country for your job, or are simply between
closes on a home purchase, a Monarch Suite can meet your needs. We can
work with you to carefully choose the right neighborhood, the right school
district, and the right locale to your employment. All d
esigned to enhance the
enjoyment of your stay.
(610) 316-4184
Whether you are a travelling nurse, occupational therapist, locum tenens
physician, or other health care professional, a Monarch Suite can fit your
housing requirements. We can customise our units to meet your very specific
needs and budget.
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