Monarch Suites                        Hotel

Avg Living Space      
       900 sq. feet                                400 sq. feet

Living Environment         Separate living room,               Cramped, one room living
                                          kitchen and bedrooms

Meals                                 Fully Equipped Kitchen            Meals out

Community                        Quiet Upscale Residential       Usually Transient & in
                                          Community                                 congested Areas

Pets                                    Yes                                             Typically No

Private Mailbox                 Yes                                             No

Controlled Access
                            Yes                                             No

Quality Furnishings        
and Housewares                    Yes                                             Usually Not
Benefits Comparison
Why choose a Monarch Suite instead of a hotel or an extended stay hotel?
The following is a quality of life comparison
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A Monarch Suite is your choice for Quality of Life!